Ten Things Thursday -- Happy Stuff Edition!!

Props to Laura Belle for TTT, word!!!

Okaysies,  since my last couple posts have been gloomy and depressing I am gonna focus on the things that are actually making me happy.

1) ZUMBA!!!  I am finally back to doing Zumba regularly -- like 7x week!!!  I have been at it for 3 weeks and I feel amazeballs!!  I talked about how I had kinda bailed on working out the past few months due the baby issues, but also I was super hatin' the Zumba instructor that I had been going to, you remember, The Redneck Lady Gaga??? Well, things only got worse so I finally decided to be done with that 'ho and find some more damn Zumba.  

2) I totally found some new Zumba classes.  They aren't as "intense" as I would like but I am able to modify it up to my desired intensity level. However, the class is SUPER friendly and supportive as well as very welcoming.  The instructor has lost almost 60lbs without surgery since she started Zumba -- and she still isn't a skinny stick.  Lots of normal sized people in this class just trying to get their sweat on.  It's sooo nice to look forward to my classes again instead of it feeling like I am walking into the movie "Mean Girls".

3) I am also scheduled to attend Zumba Instructor Training Sept 29.  YAY!!!  I had been schedule to do it in July but had to postpone because of my Nana's passing.  It's better that I didn't take it then because my head was NOT in a good place for that kind of thing.  This is such a HUGE NSV for me.  To think, 2.5 years ago I was about to get LapBand surgery because I could no longer muster the energy to function of even the most basic levels and soon I will be able to teach a fitness class. WTF???

I do worry that the lighter intensity of these new classes have me feeling all froggy like some Zumba badass and I am gonna get the floor wiped with my ass when I go to the training.  

4) I think this is almost it on the Zumba topic, buuuut I have to say how much I love these little suckers:

They my 1lb wrist weights and they are ROCKIN' MY ARMS!!!  (I know they look weird I have them wrapped w/ sports tape because my hands get all sweaty when I am wearing them)  I have been wearing them during my Zumba classes and they have been really making a difference.  1 lb doesn't seem like much but sling those things around for an hour straight -- you start to feel it.  I know they aren't gonna get me mega muscles but they are really helping with toning.  I am starting to see definition in my arms for the first time!!  YAY!!  (I am about to move up to 2lb weights soon!! )

5)Speaking of the gun show aka my arms.  This new found definition has got me a smidgen obsessed with my arms.  I am trying to do more stuff to get them buffed and toned!!  Now, if I could muster up some obsession about my abs.

6) Okay, okay ---enough about Zumba and my arms. I have also found this that makes me happy!!

It's Cherry Limeade!!!  Just 15 calories a serving, like I could drink this whole jug (not that I would) and it would only be 105 calories.  For the most part, I only drink water, unsweet tea, and coffee, but every now and then I want something a little different. (I don't do soda bc the carbonation makes me very uncomfortable)  I do LOVE me some S*nic Cherry Limeade -- not great for me because of sugar and fizz.  Imagine how delighted I was when I saw this gem in the cooler while strolling through W*lmarks.  Low calorie? Check! Non-carbonated? Check! Costs $1???  Check, check!!

* Mental note:  Add Vodka for Low Cal Adult Beverage Treat!!

7) I finally got my Fertility Charting materials and such.  Yes, there is a manual for my Doc's regimen.

I plan on posting about this more in depth so if you g**gle this --- please don't get any ideas about me. I will need to explain myself.  I am not exactly happy about having to do a charting regimen, but I am happy about getting the show on the road towards information and progress.

8) Pinterest!!!  I finally drank the Pinterest Kool-Aid.  ( I think I pinned a recipe for that!)  I am loving it.  I was very resistant at first, but I was lured in by recipes and craft DIY projects.   I really has been awesome though.  The Hubs and I are trying to keep dining out to a minimum.  Most of the time when we would go out to eat it was because I could decide on what to fix or was too tired/busy to fix a major meal.  It has been so helpful to turn to Pinterest for ideas on new recipes and ideas on quick meals.  If you are on Pinterest I would love to follow you  and you can follow me-- just let me know!!

9) My new (kinda) treadmill.  My parents bought a treadmill 5-6 yrs ago with all these lofty plans for using it.  It has since been in the back bedroom of their house, untouched, unused, and basically new.  Well, the last time I was home I totally jacked it.  They haven't offered to do anything that could be mistaken for exercise in 6 yrs and I have.  We brought it home but the only place we have for it is the garage so it's kinda off limits until it's not hotter that the 3rd layer of the Sun in my garage.  I am not crazy about using the treadmill but it is really nice to have that as a last ditch back up work out.

10) I am just glad to be posting about something that isn't so depressing and pathetic.  I worry that many of you haven't commented because my depressing posts made you find the nearest bridge and hurl yourself off it.  I certainly hope that isn't the case.

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