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Toto je ukázkový text. Kliknutím na něj nebo na editační ikonku v jeho pravém horním rohu ho můžete přepsat – na vlastní uvítání, stručný popis stránek nebo představení své firmy. Logo Webgarden v levém horním rohu vyvolá přístup k nápovědě, technické podpoře a dalším užitečným funkcím.

A woman gave a shelter cat a forever home. He returned the favor by being her most loyal companion, following her everywhere she goes. 


Belarus the cat was turned to the shelter when the landlord told his owner that she could not keep him. The family was very sad and brought the kitty to the shelter, hoping they could find him a good home. 

"This big gentle fellow is friendly, affectionate and ever so handsome with his crossed eyes and fluffy tail," Deb Campbell of Animal Care and Control San Francisco told Love Meow.

Belarus was eager to be loved and constantly asked for attention and pets. When someone came to visit him, he would stand up and lean on the door as if to beg them to take him home.


Rachel from San Francisco came across a post about Belarus on Instagram. For a while, she had been looking for a cat. "When I saw his googly eyes, I was in love and immediately contacted the shelter that day," Rachel told Love Meow. "I had to move meetings around and things to be able to visit him."

When Belarus and Rachel finally met, the sweet kitty snuggled right up to her as if to say he was ready to go home. "I had won the pleasure of taking him home. He's settled in quite amazingly and is absolutely spoiled."


The cross-eyed cutie quickly became Rachel's little shadow.

"He follows me around everywhere, especially in the bathroom in the morning. There is no privacy with Belarus in the house," Rachel told Love Meow.


"He's a big cat with a big personality. When we got him he was still around one year old so quite kitten-like. He loves playing, running around, batting balls, etc."

When Rachel takes a shower, Belarus waits outside until she gets out. He wants to make sure she is all right after the "ordeal."


Every morning, he accompanies Rachel to the bathroom as she gets ready for the day.

Belarus is always eager to be part of her morning routine.


The sweet kitty greets his Mom when she gets home from work and tells her that he's ready for food, playtime and lots of attention.


Belarus inspects his humans' fridge and food choices. He is not shy of voicing his opinion.


Belarus likes to "help" Mom load the dishwasher. 


"He cuddles a lot when I'm on the couch watching TV or doing email," Rachel said. "He'll make sure he's right beside me and then will fall asleep or start to clean himself."

Whenever the computer is switched on, Belarus comes to offer a helping paw.


The curious little guy wants to know everything that his human mom is doing. 


"He's also great at cat activities like pushing things off counters and does that with the bathroom counter, without fail."

Watch Belarus in this cute video:

When he wants a snack, he stares into his Mom's eyes while standing next to an empty bowl. 

Who could possibly say no to that face!?


When Rachel watches TV, Belarus jumps on her lap to cuddle. He gazes into her eyes with his adorable crossed eyes. 


It's been four months since Belarus found his forever home. He's blossomed into a handsome, fluffy cat!

Every day, he follows Rachel around the house, keeps their household running, and protects his humans from invaders (aka bugs).

Belarus the purrfect supervisor!


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Props to Laura Belle for TTT, word!!!

Okaysies,  since my last couple posts have been gloomy and depressing I am gonna focus on the things that are actually making me happy.

1) ZUMBA!!!  I am finally back to doing Zumba regularly -- like 7x week!!!  I have been at it for 3 weeks and I feel amazeballs!!  I talked about how I had kinda bailed on working out the past few months due the baby issues, but also I was super hatin' the Zumba instructor that I had been going to, you remember, The Redneck Lady Gaga??? Well, things only got worse so I finally decided to be done with that 'ho and find some more damn Zumba.  

2) I totally found some new Zumba classes.  They aren't as "intense" as I would like but I am able to modify it up to my desired intensity level. However, the class is SUPER friendly and supportive as well as very welcoming.  The instructor has lost almost 60lbs without surgery since she started Zumba -- and she still isn't a skinny stick.  Lots of normal sized people in this class just trying to get their sweat on.  It's sooo nice to look forward to my classes again instead of it feeling like I am walking into the movie "Mean Girls".

3) I am also scheduled to attend Zumba Instructor Training Sept 29.  YAY!!!  I had been schedule to do it in July but had to postpone because of my Nana's passing.  It's better that I didn't take it then because my head was NOT in a good place for that kind of thing.  This is such a HUGE NSV for me.  To think, 2.5 years ago I was about to get LapBand surgery because I could no longer muster the energy to function of even the most basic levels and soon I will be able to teach a fitness class. WTF???

I do worry that the lighter intensity of these new classes have me feeling all froggy like some Zumba badass and I am gonna get the floor wiped with my ass when I go to the training.  

4) I think this is almost it on the Zumba topic, buuuut I have to say how much I love these little suckers:

They my 1lb wrist weights and they are ROCKIN' MY ARMS!!!  (I know they look weird I have them wrapped w/ sports tape because my hands get all sweaty when I am wearing them)  I have been wearing them during my Zumba classes and they have been really making a difference.  1 lb doesn't seem like much but sling those things around for an hour straight -- you start to feel it.  I know they aren't gonna get me mega muscles but they are really helping with toning.  I am starting to see definition in my arms for the first time!!  YAY!!  (I am about to move up to 2lb weights soon!! )

5)Speaking of the gun show aka my arms.  This new found definition has got me a smidgen obsessed with my arms.  I am trying to do more stuff to get them buffed and toned!!  Now, if I could muster up some obsession about my abs.

6) Okay, okay ---enough about Zumba and my arms. I have also found this that makes me happy!!

It's Cherry Limeade!!!  Just 15 calories a serving, like I could drink this whole jug (not that I would) and it would only be 105 calories.  For the most part, I only drink water, unsweet tea, and coffee, but every now and then I want something a little different. (I don't do soda bc the carbonation makes me very uncomfortable)  I do LOVE me some S*nic Cherry Limeade -- not great for me because of sugar and fizz.  Imagine how delighted I was when I saw this gem in the cooler while strolling through W*lmarks.  Low calorie? Check! Non-carbonated? Check! Costs $1???  Check, check!!

* Mental note:  Add Vodka for Low Cal Adult Beverage Treat!!

7) I finally got my Fertility Charting materials and such.  Yes, there is a manual for my Doc's regimen.

I plan on posting about this more in depth so if you g**gle this --- please don't get any ideas about me. I will need to explain myself.  I am not exactly happy about having to do a charting regimen, but I am happy about getting the show on the road towards information and progress.

8) Pinterest!!!  I finally drank the Pinterest Kool-Aid.  ( I think I pinned a recipe for that!)  I am loving it.  I was very resistant at first, but I was lured in by recipes and craft DIY projects.   I really has been awesome though.  The Hubs and I are trying to keep dining out to a minimum.  Most of the time when we would go out to eat it was because I could decide on what to fix or was too tired/busy to fix a major meal.  It has been so helpful to turn to Pinterest for ideas on new recipes and ideas on quick meals.  If you are on Pinterest I would love to follow you  and you can follow me-- just let me know!!

9) My new (kinda) treadmill.  My parents bought a treadmill 5-6 yrs ago with all these lofty plans for using it.  It has since been in the back bedroom of their house, untouched, unused, and basically new.  Well, the last time I was home I totally jacked it.  They haven't offered to do anything that could be mistaken for exercise in 6 yrs and I have.  We brought it home but the only place we have for it is the garage so it's kinda off limits until it's not hotter that the 3rd layer of the Sun in my garage.  I am not crazy about using the treadmill but it is really nice to have that as a last ditch back up work out.

10) I am just glad to be posting about something that isn't so depressing and pathetic.  I worry that many of you haven't commented because my depressing posts made you find the nearest bridge and hurl yourself off it.  I certainly hope that isn't the case.


Firefighters fought hard this year to keep the massive California wildfires under control. Patrick Cullen, a firefighter from the Draper City Fire Department in Utah, was on the front lines, battling the Mendocino Complex wildfire when a thirsty, tired German Shepherd Dog wandered out of the darkness. It didn’t take long for Cullen and the two-year-old pup to form a very special bond.

At first, Cullen could only see a pair of glowing, yellow eyes looking at him. He thought it might be a mountain lion, which was the last thing he needed while battling a huge wildfire. When the creature approached, however, Cullen could see that it was a dog in trouble. The pup had been out there for a while and suffered from exhaustion and thirst. Cullen and the other firefighters gave the dog a big drink of water, and the pooch slept under the fire truck for the next three hours, getting some much-needed rest. They named him Mendo after the Mendocino Complex wildfire.

The crew took Mendo to a nearby city animal shelter, but Cullen couldn’t get the dog out of his mind. He called the shelter to see if they had found Mendo’s owner, but no one came forward. Shortly after, Cullen found out that he would be able to adopt the pup. Volunteers drove Mendo from Mendocino County halfway to Reno, where Cullen was reunited with the pup. As soon as Mendo saw Cullen, he happily ran in circles. He recognized his rescuer and was thrilled to be taken to his forever home. Hopefully this pup will never have to live through any more terrifying ordeals. Now Mendo has his firefighter dad to keep him safe.

Are you happy to see Mendo go to his forever home with the firefighter that saved him? Let us know in the comments below!

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As you know, I’m always scouring the internet for new designer-ly offerings for cats and I just came across these four beautiful modern cat towers that I’ve never seen before. There are so many new products popping up all the time these days, it’s hard to keep up, but I’m always excited to find something that looks like cats will like it, plus if it’s good looking, even better.

First we have this futuristic looking cat tree with a natural wood finish from FrontPet. This one has nice clean lines that give it a very sculptural feel. A built-in feeding dish at the bottom is a nice touch plus I love the removable carpet pads on the platforms. It’s 60″ tall with a 30″ x 23″ base. If you don’t like the natural wood, it comes unfinished so you can stain or paint it to match your decor. Available on Amazon.

Next is this modern folding cat tree from Merry Products. Multi-level carpeted shelves offer spacious lounging and climbing options for cats. The sleek white finish would look great in most interiors, I especially like it against this brick wall. The best part, it folds flat for compact storage. Get one on Amazon.

This one also caught my eye, but I’d have to see it in person to really report on the quality. It’s a multi-level cat tree & activity center with three sisal scratching posts, fluffy plush mats and a hanging toy. I like the stainless steel details, that makes it look substantial, however it’s a bit smaller at only 49″ tall with a 15.75″ by 14″ base. It looks like it might need to be attached to a wall for added stability. Available on Amazon.

And finally, here’s a new stacking modern cat tower, also from FrontPet. Four plush covered levels allow kitty to climb to the top inside the tower. The sections nest for easy shipping and storage. Lots of large openings to look out. 55″ tall with a 20″ diameter base. Again, I can’t speak to the stability of this design, but it weighs almost 40 lbs. so that’s a good sign, as long as the base is properly weighted and the levels are securely attached to one another. I like the spa color palette. This one is also on Amazon.

If you’ve tried any of these new modern cat towers, please leave a comment and let everyone know what you think!

. . .

*FTC Disclosure: This post contains Amazon Associate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on the links, Hauspanther will get a small commission. We are dedicated to finding the coolest products for cats and cat lovers and we never recommend anything that we don’t love.

More design finds:

Woman with her dog during a sunset.

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

In another article on pet loss, we talked about those that don’t understand the grief and emotions associated with losing a beloved pet. Let’s face it, there are and always will be people who won’t understand the relationship we share with our pets and, therefore, will not get the grief that comes with that loss, either.

However, there are those caring people who do want to help a friend through the grieving process. You might be one of those people, and maybe you’re wondering what you can do for a friend or family member who feels helpless during this time.

Dog Memorial

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

This may sound simple, but sometimes it helps to just “be.” So many people worry about what they can DO. Don’t worry so much about “doing”– instead, practice “being.” Just be with the person who’s hurting. Sit in silence with them and listen. Let them tell you the story of the life they shared with their precious pet. Don’t judge and don’t minimize or try to talk them out of their feelings. Listen without judgment.

This is a lesson we can take from our pets. Think of times you were grieving. Did a pet comfort you? Did they listen to you, even if they didn’t understand? That pet eased your pain just by being there and showing love. Learn from that example when you want to comfort others.

 If you want to “do” something, then be proactive. So many people say “call me if you need anything.” For a person who’s grieving, even doing simple tasks like that are difficult. Many times the grieving heart doesn’t even know how to put into words what they need. Be proactive. Take them to dinner or cook for them. Call them. Take them to appointments. Be with them when they get their pet’s ashes to bring home. Be with them to listen to the stories. Help them in designing a beautiful service to honor their pet. Don’t wait on them to make the move as it’s probably not going to happen.

With that said, you’ll need to know when to respect their boundaries, too. Sometimes those who grieve need to be alone for a time. It might be hard to find a balance between being respectful and being an active friend. However, it all comes back to being a good listener. Listen to their needs. If they want some alone time, if they seem irritable or snap, or if they just don’t have the energy to be around others, don’t take offense. Just take a step back and think of their needs.

As a friend, be ready to listen to their stories time and time again. Honoring their story is such a privilege for those of us who want and are willing to listen.

And, when I say listen, I mean listen. Really listen and just be.

For more information on pet grief and loss visit Colleen’s website Two Hearts Pet Loss Center or follow her on Facebook.


August 10, 2018 NADA 141-488 Zoetis Inc. Avatec® and LINCOMIX® Broiler chickens For the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria tenella, E. necatrix, E. acervulina, E. brunetti, E. mivati, and E. maxima, and for the control of necrotic enteritis caused or complicated by Clostridium spp. or other organisms susceptible to lincomycin in broiler chickens. FOI Summary
August 9, 2018 ANADA 200-630 Aurora Pharmaceutical, LLC CocciAid™ Growing chickens, turkeys and laying hens For the treatment of coccidiosis. FOI Summary
August 8, 2018 NADA 141-439 Elanco US Inc. Inteprity™ Broiler chickens This supplement provides for a change in the broiler chicken age restriction caution statement from 10 days to 18 days as follows: To assure responsible antimicrobial drug use in broiler chickens, treatment administration must begin on or before 18 days of age.

FOI Summary



August 3, 2018 NADA 141-461 Aratana Therapeutics, Inc. NOCITA® Cats This supplement provides for use as a peripheral nerve block to provide regional postoperative analgesia following onychectomy in cats. FOI Summary
July 30, 2018 ANADA 200-608 Piedmont Animal Health Baytril® Soft Chewable Tablets Dogs and cats For the management of diseases associated with bacteria susceptible to enrofloxacin. FOI Summary
July 13, 2018 NADA 141-406 Merial, Inc. NexGard® Dogs This supplement provides for the addition of the indication for the prevention of Borrelia burgdorferi infections as a direct result of killing Ixodes scapularis vector ticks. FOI Summary
July 13, 2018 ANADA 200-484 Huvepharma EOOD Tylovet® 40 Beef Cattle and Swine This supplemental approval provides for the addition of a 40 g/lb strength of this Type A medicated article. FOI Summary
July 11, 2018 NADA 138-952 Elanco US Inc. Maxiban™ 72 Broiler chickens This supplement revises the tissue residue tolerance for nicarbazin from 4 ppm to 52 ppm, and reduces the withdrawal period for Maxiban™ 72 from five days to zero days.

FOI Summary



July 6, 2018 ANADA 200-495 Norbrook Laboratories, Ltd. Enroflox® 100 Swine The effect of the supplement provides for the addition of the use of the drug via intramuscular injection in swine, the addition of two pathogens, Bordetella bronchiseptica and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, to the swine respiratory disease (SRD) treatment and control indications and the addition of indications for the control of colibacillosis in groups or pens of weaned pigs where colibacillosis associated with Escherichia coli has been diagnosed. FOI Summary
July 2, 2018 ANADA 200-624 Modern Veterinary Therapeutics, LLC REVERTIDINE™ Dogs For the reversal of the sedative and analgesic effects of dexmedetomidine
hydrochloride, and medetomidine hydrochloride in dogs.
FOI Summary
June 14, 2018 NADA 098-379 Merial, Inc. CYSTORELIN® Lactating dairy cows and beef cows This supplement provides for the addition of a new indication ‘For use with cloprostenol sodium to synchronize estrous cycles to allow for fixed time artificial insemination (FTAI) in lactating dairy cows and beef cows.’

FOI Summary



June 6, 2018 NADA 141-342 Jurox Pty. Ltd. Alfaxan® Multidose Cats and Dogs This supplement provides for the addition of preservatives to the formulation and use of a multidose vial. FOI Summary
May 31, 2018 NADA 141-495 Elanco US Inc. Inteprity™ and Bio-Cox® Broiler chickens For the prevention of mortality caused by necrotic enteritis associated with Clostridium perfringens; and for the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria tenella, E. necatrix, E. acervulina, E. maxima, E. brunetti, and E. mivati in broiler chickens. FOI Summary
May 25, 2018 NADA 141-063 Intervet, Inc. Nuflor® Cattle (beef and non-lactating dairy) This supplement provides information to address the human food safety of N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) in the formulation of Nuflor® injectable solution in cattle. FOI Summary
May 15, 2018 NADA 141-501 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. Semintra® Cats For the control of systemic hypertension in cats. FOI Summary
May 4, 2018 NADA 141-481 Kindred Biosciences, Inc. Mirataz™ Cats For the management of weight loss in cats. FOI Summary
April 25, 2018 NADA 141-454 AquaBounty Technologies, Inc. AquAdvantage Salmon Atlantic Salmon This supplement provides for an additional grow-out facility in Indiana for AquAdvantage Salmon.



March 26, 2018 NADA 141-491 Zoetis Inc. Coban™ and LINCOMIX® Broiler chickens As an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria necatrix, E. tenella, E. acervulina, E. brunetti, E. mivati, and E. maxima, and for the control of necrotic enteritis caused or complicated by Clostridium spp. or other organisms susceptible to lincomycin in broiler chickens. FOI Summary
March 8, 2018 NADA 141-492 Merial, Inc. Centragard™ Cats For the prevention of heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis, and for the treatment and control of roundworms (adult and fourth stage larval Toxocara cati), hookworms (adult and fourth stage larval Ancylostoma tubaeforme; adult Ancylostoma braziliense), and tapeworms (adult Dipylidium caninum and Echinococcus multilocularis), in cats and kittens 7 weeks of age and older and 1.8 lbs or greater. FOI Summary
March 5, 2018 NADA 141-489 Zoetis Inc. Zoamix® and LINCOMIX® Broiler chickens For the prevention and control of coccidiosis, and for the control of necrotic enteritis caused or complicated by Clostridium spp. or other organisms susceptible to lincomycin in broiler chickens. FOI Summary
March 2, 2018 NADA 141-484 Zoetis Inc. Bio-Cox® and LINCOMIX® Broiler chickens For the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria tenella, E. necatrix, E. acervulina, E. maxima, E. brunetti, and E. mivati, and for the control of necrotic enteritis caused or complicated by Clostridium spp. or other organisms susceptible to lincomycin in broiler chickens. FOI Summary
Penthouse goddess, Zoe Voss, is hungry for a hard black cock. Penthouse brought in male super star Jack Napier and his massive dick. Zoe strips down her clothes while sucking on the studs cock, before mounting his ebony pride and riding him until Jack erupts on her face.

Kid and dog trick or treating

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Kids are probably going to be ringing your doorbell looking for candy this Halloween, but sometimes our dog friends like to get in on the fun, too. This year, you can be prepared if you see a pup in costume knocking at your door. Even if you’re into the trunk-or-treat craze, it’s nice to have some dog goodies in the car if a cute pup in Halloween attire shows up. There are plenty of Halloween-themed dog treats out there that are perfect for trick-or-treating pups. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Greenies


Greenies are dental treats for dogs. They’re fun and perfect for trick-or-treater dogs because they’re yummy and healthy. The green color might also remind you of a spooky goblin or monster! Buy them on Amazon now!

2. Buffalo Blue Boo Bars

Buffalo Blue Boo Bars are crunchy treats made from pumpkin and cinnamon, so your trick-or-treater pup can enjoy them while you drink a pumpkin spiced latte and get the same flavors. They are corn, wheat, and soy free. Buy them on Amazon now!

3. Mutt Mallows

If you know some pooches that love pumpkin, these Mutt Mallows from The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. should satisfy their monstrous craving. They’re wheat, corn, and soy free, but you might want to skip putting them on your human s’mores. Buy them on Amazon now!

4. Lucky Dog Treats

Lucky Dog treats come in different flavors for all seasons, but the pumpkin and sweet potato flavor is perfect for Halloween. They’re made with real pumpkin, flaxseed, and applesauce, so pups will be happy to gobble them up. Buy them on Amazon now!

5. Wet Noses Organic Treats


(Picture Credit: Amazon)

Wet Noses pumpkin treats have cinnamon and ginger, which help soothe upset tummies. They don’t contain eggs, which is good for dogs with allergies or digestive issues. You won’t have to worry about these treats giving trick-or-treater dogs belly aches. Buy them on Amazon now!

6. Grandma Lucy’s Baked Pumpkin Treats

Grandma Lucy’s organic baked pumpkin treats are baked in a bakery, not made in a factory. So your dog friends will be getting oven-baked goodness with organic ingredients, and the pumpkin flavor is perfect for Halloween. Buy them on Amazon now!

7. Nutro Ultra Dog Biscuits

Nutro Ultra biscuits are made with real oatmeal and pumpkin, and they don’t have any wheat, corn, soy, food coloring, or filler. They’re a yummy treat for dogs with sensitive stomachs, so the neighborhood pups’ tummies will thank you. Buy them on Amazon now!

8. 4Legz Organic Pumpkin Treats

4Legz organic pumpkin treats are crunchy and small, so even tiny pups will be able to enjoy them. They’re made with non-GMO ingredients and natural pumpkin puree and no chemicals or artificial preservatives. Buy them on Amazon now!

9. Three Dog Bakery Pumpkin Wafers

Three Dog Bakery wafers are grain free and gluten free and have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. They come in cute bone shapes, and the pumpkin flavored treats are perfect for Halloween. Buy them on Amazon now!

10. Smart n’ Tasty Little Duckies

Smart n’ Tasty makes Little Duckies with pumpkin, real duck, fruits, and vegetables. They don’t have any wheat, corn, soy, or dairy, so no worries for pups with allergies, and because they have duck, they’re good for dogs with sensitivity to other protein sources like chicken. Plus the duck shaped treats are adorable. Buy them on Amazon now!

What other treats do you recommend for trick-or-treater dogs? Let us know in the comments below!

**We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had.

oz pet appreciation week

Happy Pet Appreciation Week! We hope you are finding ways to show appreciation to your pets for all the unconditional love, comfort and companionship they provide.
How are you and your pets celebrating Pet Appreciation Week? Let us know in the comments!


Hello again, friends! I have recently started a pet leveling service in-game. Most days I'll trade a handful of my level 25 cageable pets for my client's level 1s, but if I can't match their breed, sometimes a client will entrust me with his pets for an hour or so for leveling up. This requires a relationship of solid trust, so if you're thinking of hiring a pet leveling service for your own menagerie, I recommend trading your beloved pets only to those you know really well or trust completely. 

Since several people have asked me to share my pet powerleveling method, I thought I'd post the guide here. If done correctly, it's fast and efficient. You'll be able to fully level up 4-5 pets daily (more than 125 level 1 pets per month!), investing only an hour or so per day using no other method. If you want to do more, there are many more daily tamers in the lands, plus darkmoon fair tamers, tournaments, pvp, field fights, all which grant experience as an extra supplement to this powerleveling method. I have leveled well over 1000 pets to 25, and I've found this method to be the most efficient and reliable, without getting overwhelmed. I use 7 Pandaria Tamers and 6 Draenor Tamers, plus the garrison daily if possible. It yields enough experience with a one hour triple buff to level 4 pets from 1-24 (plus a 5th pet to 14+), all within an hour - after which you can easily top them off with stones or the garrison battle. All the pets I use are attainable in the game.


At least one character (level 100) with a garrison menagerie, a Safari Hat, Pandaria flying, and access to all the tamer dailies in the game. I also recommend a good pet battle add-on (optional) to organize and speed-swap your teams. I use PetBattle Teams.

Most fights do not require breed-specific pets with a couple of exceptions, which I'll try to indicate in the team builds below. Here are the pets I use and recommend for power leveling:
In addition, you'll need these following items per day:
Time required per day:
  • 1 hour uninterrupted play time (no distractions, no detours!) , plus 10-15 minutes to top your pets off
Items you will receive from this method:
  • 32 Pet Charms (for purchasing more buffs and supplies, etc)
  • Various random bag drops such as cosmetic buffs, vendor trash, bandages, rarity upgrade stones
  • Possible pets and leveling stones from quest rewards
  • More than 105 levels spread over 4 or 5 carry pets every day!


If you follow my method, pay close attention to every detail. Most fights require a script or formula, so the timing for switching in low-level carry pets is crucial. Any deviation from the basic routine will be a potential waste of your expensive buffs, as you're forced to repeat fights unnecessarily. You will need to be as quick and efficient as possible to reap the full benefits of the one hour triple buff. Travel directly to each tamer without delay, use your flying time to organize your next team and heal your pets. Ideally, you should avoid taking any time to chat, pick herbs, kill rare spawns, etc. In other words, focus!

Before you begin, organize these following teams in your pet battle add-on. Each day before you start your daily rounds, you'll need to replace the new carry pets in their team slots as follows:

Team 1: Hyuna
  1. Nexus Whelpling (tail sweep, mana surge, arcane storm) lvl 25
  2. Crow or Raven (alpha strike, call darkness, nocturnal strike) lvl 25
  3. Carry pet #1, lvl 1
Team 2: Mo'ruk
  1. Darkmoon Zeppelin (missile, explode, decoy) lvl 25
  2. Chrominius (arcane explosion, howl, surge of power) lvl 25
  3. Carry pet #2, lvl 1
Team 3: Nishi
  1. Nexus Whelpling (tail sweep, mana surge, arcane storm) lvl 25 destruction
  2. Menagerie Custodian (zap, shock and awe, ion cannon) lvl 25
  3. Carry pet #2
Team 4: Aki
  1. Anubisath Idol (crush, stoneskin, deflect) lvl 25
  2. Crow or Raven (alpha strike, call darkness, nocturnal strike) lvl 25 p/s
  3. Carry pet #3, lvl 1
Team 5: Shu
  1. Crow or Raven (alpha strike, call darkness, nocturnal strike) lvl 25 p/s
  2. Iron Starlette (wind-up, powerball, supercharge) lvl 25 destruction (damage critical)
  3. Carry pet #3
Team 6: Zusshi
  1. Rapana Whelk (absorb, acidic goo, dive) lvl 25
  2. Dragonbone Hatchling (slicing wind, hawk eye, lift-off) lvl 25
  3. Carry Pet #1
Team 7: Yon
  1. Nexus Whelpling (tail sweep, mana surge, arcane storm) lvl 25 destruction
  2. Menagerie Custodian (zap, shock and awe, ion cannon) lvl 25 guardian (survival critical)
  3. Carry pet #4, lvl 1
Team 8: Ashlei
  1. Nexus Whelpling (tail sweep, mana surge, arcane storm) lvl 25
  2. Nexus Whelpling (tail sweep, mana surge, arcane storm) lvl 25
  3. Carry pet #5, lvl 1
Team 9: Vesharr
  1. Carry pet #5
  2. Chrominius (arcane explosion, howl, surge of power) lvl 25
  3. Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (breath, thunderbolt, decoy) lvl 25
Team 10: Taralune
  1. Nexus Whelpling (tail sweep, mana surge, arcane storm) lvl 25
  2. Nexus Whelpling (tail sweep, mana surge, arcane storm) lvl 25 p/s (speed critical)
  3. Carry pet #1
Team 11: Cymre
  1. Magical Crawdad (snap, shell shield, wish) lvl 25
  2. Infinite Whelpling (tail sweep, healing flame, early advantage) lvl 25
  3. Carry pet #2
Team 12: Gargra
  1. Menagerie Custodian (zap, shock and awe, ion cannon) lvl 25
  2. Menagerie Custodian (zap, shock and awe, ion cannon) lvl 25
  3. Carry pet #3
Team 13: Tarr
  1. Unborn Val'kyr (shadow slash, curse of doom, haunt) lvl 25
  2. Creepy Crate (creepy chomp, curse of doom, bonestorm) lvl 25
  3. Carry pet #5
Garrison Random Team
The garrison battle changes every day and will require a variety of pets to beat. A few menagerie battles are pretty easily beaten with two level 25s and a carry pet. Some of those will reward great experience, and since you can repeat the menagerie fight as often as you like, it's a great way to level pets on the battles that allow it.


The route and flightpaths are based on Alliance side in Draenor. I'll try to add an edit for a Horde side route soon.

1. Begin at Hyuna. Select Team 1. Pick up her daily quest and apply your one hour triple buff of Safari Hat, Pet Treat, and Lesser Pet Treat. Open with Nexus - 3, 2, when mana surge finishes, swap in-and-out your carry pet, letting your Nexus die to the burrow damage. Switch in crow, 1, 1, 1 then when snake is dead and turtle comes in, 1, 2, 3, finish off with 1 spam if he's not dead. First carry pet should now be level 14. Turn in quest and mount up. 

2. Fly to Mo'ruk. While flying, select Team 2 and heal your pets on cooldown. This battle is called a "suicide mission", where your carry will not ever enter the fight but will be the only survivor. Take the quest and begin. Open with your zeppelin - missile, decoy, then spam missile until Woodcarver is dead. As soon as Woodcarver dies, switch in Chromi. If Chromi does not get put to sleep with moth dust, do one arcane explosion then howl, surge of power. If he is slept, skip 1 and just do howl+surge of power. Chromi probably won't do any more damage, but it's important to leave him in the fight until he dies to the turtle. Switch in Zeppelin, missile until rooted, then decoy, then missile until he's within explode range (618 health or you're unable to survive a second hit), then explode. Important: you must force both level 25 pets to suicide in this battle or your carry will get zero experience. Your second carry pet is now level 14. Turn in quest and mount up. 

3. Fly to Farmer Nishi. While flying, select Team 3 and heal your pets on cooldown. Open with Nexus - 3 then 2. Switch in carry to take all Toothbreaker's Sons of the Root damage then switch back to Nexus. Refresh ARCANE STORM then mana surge until Toothbreaker dies. Arcane storm Mothallus and tail sweep until nexus is dead, hopefully taking burrow damage. Switch to Menagerie Custodian, shock and awe, zap if needed, ion cannon. Your second carry pet should now be level 20. Turn in quest and mount up. 

4. Fly to Aki the Chosen. While flying, select Team 4 and heal your pets on cooldown. Open with Anubisath Idol - stoneskin, spam crush but always refresh stoneskin before it drops off. Keeping stoneskin up is the most important part of the fight against Chirrup. You don't want shattered defenses when Stormlash enters the fight. Continue to spam crush until Chirrup is dead. Spam crush on Stormlash until he dies. Switch in-and-out your carry pet, taking Whisker's dive damage on your Anubisath Idol. Crush until your Idol dies. Switch in crow, then 1, 2, 3. Third carry pet should now be level 14. Turn in quest and mount up. 

5. Fly to Wastewalker Shu. While flying, select Team 5 and heal your pets on cooldown. Open with Crow or Raven - 1, 2, 3. Stay in until Crow or Raven dies, then switch in-and-out your carry pet. With Starlette, 1, 2, 3, 1. If  Pounder is still alive, finish him with 2. When Mutilator switches in, continue with Starlette - 1, 3, 1. Turn in quest and mount up. Third carry pet is now level 20.

6. Fly to Zusshi. While flying, select Team 6 and heal your pets on cooldown. Open with Rapana Whelk - 2, 3, then spam 1 until Diamond is dead. On Mollus, 2, 3, then spam 1 and reapply 2 until your whelk dies. Switch in-then-out carry pet. With Dragonbone - 2, then spam 1 until Mollus dies. Refresh 2, then 1, using lift-off to avoid drowsy and/or pump. finish with 1. Turn in quest and mount up. First carry pet should now be level 20.

7. Fly to Yon. While flying, select Team 7 and heal your pets on cool down. Open with Nexus, 1, 3, 2, killing Piqua and damaging Lapin. Be sure to switch in-and-out your carry pet when mana surge ends, before Lapin's burrow. Nexus dies to Lapin, then switch in Menagerie Custodian - 2, then spam 1 until rabbit dies. On goat, 1 until 2 cooldown, then 2, 3. Turn in quest and hearth to your garrison. Fourth carry pet is now level 14 and you should have approximately 30-35 minutes left on your triple buff if you've done the fights flawlessly without any dawdling.

8. Immediately take a flightpath from your garrison to Embaari Village. While flying, select Team 8 and heal your pets on cooldown. Mount up and ride to Ashlei. Take quest and open with Nexus - 3, 2. switch in and out your carry pet in at any time during Elekk phase. Switch back to Nexus and reapply 3, then 2. If your first Nexus whelping dies, use the second whelp with mana surge to finish battle. Turn in and mount up. Your fifth carry pet is now level 15. 

9. Ride back to Embaari flight path and take a flight to Veil Terokk. While flying, select Team 9 and heal your pets on cooldown. Take the quest from Vesharr. Open your carry pet for one attack, then switch in Chromi - spam 1 until your health drops below 900, 2, then spam 1 until Kaliri dies. When Apexis Guardian comes in, continue spamming 1, healing on cooldown until your Chromi dies. Switch to dragonling - thunderbolt, spam 1, using decoy to avoid entangling roots. Turn in quest and mount up/return to flightpath. Your carry fifth carry pet should be level 21. 

10. Fly to Retribution Point in Talador. While flying, select Team 10 and heal your pets on cooldown. Ride to Taralune and take the quest. Open with 1, 3, 2. Refresh 3 and tail sweep until either your first Nexus dies, or Grace dies. When Atonement enters, switch in-and-out your carry pet, then 2. Turn in and mount up/return to the flightpath. Your first carry pet is now 24. 

11. Fly to Deeproot, Gorgrond. While flying, select Team 11 and heal your pets on cooldown. Ride to Cymre and take the quest. Open with Magical Crawdad - 2, then spam 1 until Idol Of Decay is below 250 health. Switch in-then-out your carry pet. Snap, then cast Wish on the Idol's undead round. Switch in Infinite Whelpling - spam tail sweep until Wishbright Lantern dies. Cast Early Advantage as soon as Gyrexle enters the fight and spam tail sweep. Turn in quest and mount up/return to the flightpath. Your second carry pet is now 24.

12. Fly to Iron Siegeworks, Frostfire Ridge. While flying, select Team 12 and heal your pets on cooldown. Ride to Gargra and take the quest. Open with Menagerie Custodian - 2, 3. Spam 1 and use 2, 3 on cooldown until Wolfus enters the fight. Switch in-and-out your carry pet on Wolfus' howl. Finish with Menagerie Custodian 2, 3 etc. Turn in and mount up/return to flightpath. Your third pet is now 24.

13. Fly to Rilzit's Holdfast in Nagrand. While flying, select Team 13 and heal your pets on cooldown. Ride to Tarr and take the quest. Open with Unborn Val'kyr - 2, 3. Switch in Creepy Crate then 2, 3. When your Crate is stunned or after bladestorm, switch in-and-out your carry pet. Spam 1s until all the murlocs are dead. Turn in quest and hearth to your garrison. Your 5th pet is now 23-24.

You should now have 4 of your carry pets leveled up to 24, and a fifth to level 14. At this point, your triple buff is likely worn off. If your garrison battle is a good "leveling" fight, finish up your level 14 carry pet and top off your other level 24s by repeating the battle. If not, simply complete the menagerie daily with a strong team for the Pet Charms, and visit a few other pet tamers or do field battles to finish your level 14. Then top off your level 24s from your collection of matching Battle-Training Stones. Save your Battle-Training stones for 24s only, and use them only on days where the menagerie battle doesn't give good leveling experience! Purchase your buffs for tomorrow.

If you have done this method without making mistakes or wasting any time on your triple buff, you should have 5 fully leveled pets in just over an hour. Do this every day and you'll soon have this routine memorized and you'll be able to finish before your buff wears wears off. Your pets will level up quickly! If you have rarely-used alts, you can station them at tamers to shave off even more traveling time. You'll need to give each alt a separate triple buff, but since you log them in and out for only one fight, one triple buff will remain for several days.

I hope you're all leveling up your pets already, but if you're just starting out I hope this guide helps!

Thanks and credit to:

Chibimage - Stormrage
HazelNutty Games
Helbrecht - Eldre'Thalus
Jerebear - Llane



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